Shipping Policy

Our standard shipping method is “Fedex 2Day Express Service”. All items shipped will reach the destination within 22 business days of shipping, except in situations when the carrier need more time delivering due to bad weather, disaster or other unforeseen circumstances

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What are the payment terms and conditions?
What Type of Payments are accepted ?
We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, & AMEX CREDIT CARDS as online Amozon payment through amazonpay
ola money
airtel money
Jio money
SBI buddy
M- pesa our checkout/payment. However, once your payment is processed, we will verify the information and validate it using our underwriters policy and procedures. We require customer to fax or e-mail us a signed copy of the credit card authorization with a copy of the customers valid state or federal ID. (Not for all Customers).This is for the security of the customer and to maintain the integrity of the card holder and secure data for future orders, during subsequent order the customer then may not need to verify and we could ship directly to the customer without hassle.
We also accept if the customer wishes to pay using any of these methods they may, click the quick check out button and we would call them to verify the customer information and wait for the payment. All payment must be received by us as soon ad possible days of the order initiated; in case we do not receive the payment cancel the order, or extend the time at our discretion. Please mail us the payment to: